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I used to like discos where they had more than just the music and dancing, and more than just a few pulsing lights - the ones where all sorts of imaginative stuff was shone onto the walls and ceiling for wallflowers like me to watch and enjoy. The projections of coloured oily blobs and whirling silhouetted patterns. The slideshows, and montages of old back and white comedy silents. Dry ice and ultra violet lights. Always something happening whichever way you looked.

I like a full park in the summer for the same reason, likewise circus and theatre, London at night.

For the same reason I sometimes like to make my pictures busy too - plenty happening for the eye to enjoy.

'Landranger'. Acrylic on canvas. 20 x 20 cms

I worry a little that I overdo it, that I should leave 'breathing spaces', but equally I want you, the viewer, to get your money's worth, and for these event-filled pictures to hold your gaze time and again, with repeated viewings rewarded with new discoveries.

A bit like an Ordnance Survey map.

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