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I have been adding pictures to my page on the Saatchi Art website.

For each painting, they ask for a sentence or two about the work, the ideas, what you expect people to get from the picture. Not always easy to put into words, but I have had a go.

Here is an extract from my 'About' section.

'Most of the pictures I make these days are improvised. They start with me having very little idea of what they are going to look like when finished. This makes the whole creative process massively more exciting (and fun), although consequently one needs to proceed with great care.

I like good design, interesting composition, exciting colour, dynamic line, rich texture, beautiful shape.

I seldom depict, but frequently refer to the world around me for shape, line and symbol. In many cases this seems unavoidable. A white disc becomes the moon, a horizontal line creates a landscape, and so on.

These are some of the things that I love to see, and that find their way into my pictures - birds, kites, anything that flies, vapour trails, road markings, cracked paving, boats, trees, roses, striptease, old paint, reflections, hills, black and white, the moon, pylons, weather, stripes, scaffolding, triangles, piers, dots, meadows, waves, fireworks, fountains, smoke, rivers, shoulders, blossom, maps. And settings - theatre, circus, city, coast, parks, markets, night, allotments, orchards, landscape'.

'Orchard Dreaming'. Acrylic on canvas. 90 x 135cms

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