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The Pochade Box

There's a word for you. This is an early birthday present from Mrs J.

A box for painting outdoors, complete with a palette, slots for panels, and a compartment for paints and brushes. I can hold it in one hand and there's a strap to go around my neck. I have stocked it with water soluble oil paints from Jackson's (six colours plus white) and have made and primed 21 panels, all quivering in anticipation.

As nearly everything I do is 'made up', I don't often feel the need to sit in front of something and draw or paint it. But then I read a book about the outdoor work of Ivon Hitchens, and liked the way he responds to Nature in his pictures, and thought I'd like to try and work in a similar way.

'Sussex Landscape' Ivon Hitchens

'Forest' Ivon Hitchens

Wish me luck

Afternote -

This is my watercolour box - a present from my parents for my 40th birthday (so quite old now). A great little contraption. I shall be taking it away on holiday. Interesting fact - the inventor made the wooden handle to fit the outlined hand I sent him in the post. It fits perfectly.

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