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Here are some more of this summer's tiny 8x6 inch landscape paintings, all completed 'en plein air', except for insect removal back home. Each took around an hour to complete.

I have tried to keep them fresh by trying not to push the paint around too much - once a brushstroke was down it was usually left alone.

I am pleased that each picture is as much a set of lovely brushstrokes as it is an illusion.

As well as the paint, what I am really enjoying is matching the colours to what I see, everything mixed from two blues, two reds, and two yellows plus white. I am still able to work quite fast at this, and that is gratifying.

Limiting the number of brushes was a good idea, as was taking plenty of rags.

The water soluble oils work well.

I think you can probably see the influence of Ivon Hitchens, mentioned in an earlier blog.


Priory Park

Priory Park

Priory Park (same view as above)

Bedford Park

I had a set of frames made especially for these works, and have been busy preparing them for the paintings, spending almost as much time on them as the pictures themselves.

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