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Bloom to Plume

Continuing with the Easter-coloured panels I started in April, I added simple flower-like shapes, stood back and didn't much like what I'd done. Far too sweet. Quite a bit of work - striated Structura paste with colour added, laid on colour contrasts. But..

I felt the same the next day. Too sweet. Twee.

More Structura paste, mixed with black, spread on thick, and impressed with various objects, including the hummus tub, an ever present element in my life.

Much better. Thin white acrylic brushed over then sanded when dry. Colour added.

In early May the returning swifts are on my mind. They fly six thousand miles to whirl and scream above our house for the Summer.


So again I celebrate them here, with their bright beaded eyes, chasing the fluttering feast.

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