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Summer Explodes

This painting started out as a reflection on the verdancy of early summer, with shadowy patches and chunks of leafy shape. I was going to add in some slashes of bright strong colour and leave it there.

But. As May turned to June, and our garden and allotment became increasingly bespattered with summer colour, more and more equivalent marks found their way on to the panel.

Appropriately, I finished this on Midsummer's Day, then went out into the garden, lay on the hammock and watched the javelin swifts loop and scream in the evening sky.

'All Summer' Acrylic on panel (including Structura, metallic and pearlescent paint). 60x40cms

I have referenced some of the big leafy shapes seen in the park, alongside allotment wigwams and ribbons.

Note: it is difficult to photograph the pearlescent paint, as it only reflects at certain angles (this makes the picture wink and flash at you as you walk by). Here some of the larger coloured dots and the dancing leaf shape have been painted in a reflective green.

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