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Coloured Markers

I think I have always had an 'eye for colour', in that I can remember distinct encounters with colour from childhood to this day. When I was in the Scouts, I used to collect the fabric 'flashes' that you pinned to your uniform to denote your patrol. I pinned them to my bed spread - all sorts of colour combinations. Orange and white (Penguins), grey and blue (Wood Pigeons), yellow and red (Springboks).

I remember the yellow and maroon wool used to make a pencil case very early on at school, and the pink and blue Humbrol paints used to paint a model of the Addams Family House.

A gold roll neck pullover (very 60's). The leaf green woodwork of our house.

And so on.

Another powerful colour revelation presented itself regularly at the 'Saturday Matinee' at the local cinema. We had Popeye at home on the TV, but that was black and white. The cartoons at the Cinema, however, immersed us in a riot of brilliant throbbing wall to wall colour.

Cartoons like Road Runner and Mr Magoo I enjoyed as much for their brilliant backgrounds as for the stories. Red deserts, yellow skies, purple rocks, pink cars..

Some of that, I think, has gone into this picture, another one entirely improvised, and presented here in stages.

I seem to paint my brightest pictures in Winter, perhaps to compensate for the cold grimness of the Season.

'Diorama'. Acrylic on panel (including metallic and pearlescent paints). 60 x 40cms

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