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White Line

In brave and/or foolhardy days, 1979 to be precise, I left teaching to try and make it as a proper full time artist.

One of the things I tried was relief printing - similar to lino-cutting at school. I chose to work with wood, bought all the gear and read a book or two. I worked on side grain (wood cutting) with blocks of cherry and pear wood, and end grain (wood engraving) with box wood blocks.

I didn't do enough to get ever so good at it, but I remember booking pitches at a few craft fairs to try and sell the prints.

I haven't touched any of this stuff in 40 years, but since I have been producing more figurative work recently, its appeal has increased, so I'm having another go, and am reminded that there is great pleasure to be had from pushing your bright sharp spitsticker through that creamy wood. Not to mention the beautiful hiss of fresh ink rolled on the glass.

We shall see what happens.

The little tree is the practice piece I made today. The little orchard (they are all 'little' - the box wood is so expensive) I engraved 40 years ago.

My sister now knows what she is getting for Christmas.

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