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Graham Jones

All of the work on this site is for sale unless otherwise stated. Most of the pieces are easy to mail, so please contact me for the cost of posting.
All of the paintings are interesting and unique, and are designed to withstand repeat viewings. In comfortable sizes made for the home, they are always completed using artist quality media on best quality canvas, panel or paper.
The iPad prints are sold in editions of 20, printed on Archive Quality Fine Art Paper (up to A3+), using Epson Ultrachrome HD ink. 
"The 'Imagination' pictures are nearly all 'improvised' - I don't know how one will look until I have finished it. This makes the process fun for me and, hopefully, absorbing for the viewer.
I apply paint in many different ways. This adds an element of risk to the making of a picture, but often leads to exciting results.
I like to have plenty going on - lots of little visual incidents for people to discover on repeat viewings.
Sometimes a theme will develop, and this will pull me along a little (the coast, the town, the garden, the landscape), but the priority will always be the success of the picture in abstract terms.
Visually, it has to work". GJ
New for 2019 - I have added a page for a selection of my figurative work titled 'Observation' - usually small pictures in oil, watercolour or acrylic.
See my Blog page for further insights into how I work
and what motivates me.
'Pathway 2'
Bedford Park
Blue Fliers Two
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