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I stopped working for others back in June 2018, so since then have been able to call myself a full time painter.

My output now is not entirely abstract. I have been out making little oil paintings and drawings in the locality. The activity is different and is fun - and it feeds into my more abstract work. Take a look on my new OBSERVATION page.

I also work with watercolours, often in conjunction with coloured pencils, and have recently bought another 'pochade' box for making acrylic paintings outdoors.

Exciting times.

Etsy Shop

July 2019 - I have started an Etsy shop as an efficient way of selling my paintings to customers in far flung corners of the world, and to make ordering (with postage costs) more streamlined.

At present I am stocking the shop with the small landscapes on panel and paper that I have been making recently - they are light and easy to post. There is nothing in the Etsy shop that isn't on this site, and the prices are the same.

The shop is called MrJonesPaints. I am pleased with it, and I am adding work regularly. Take a look. First sale today, 26th August, 2019.


Exhibition 2024

I don't exhibit very often. My last show was at this same venue six years ago, and the one before that eleven years ago, so get along to this one if you would like to see my latest paintings 'live'.

'Flourish' Opening View April 2024


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